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Procap Wicklow Plastics
Procap Europe
Novemeber 2011
Novemeber 2012

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Oliver Carty & Associates
Malachy Walsh & Partners
Kerrigan Sheanon Newman
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PROCAP, a major European player in the plastic caps and closures industry, has established brand new advanced manufacturing facilities in Wicklow, Ireland.The range of products supplied by the Wicklow site will increase to include PROCAP’s complete portfolio, specifically its innovative solutions for the beverage industry, to enable the company to initiate and further develop relationships in Ireland and the UK, and firmly establish its place as a local supplier.The new facilities were officially opened in December 2012 and went into full production in January 2013. The plant currently serves infant milk manufacturers in Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Western Europe. Its important BRC/IOP certification has already attracted new customers in the infant milk segment in Singapore and Ecuador, for which it is now an approved supplier.


Today, the site works at 60 per cent capacity, using 7,800 sqms of floor space that houses 23 injection mould machines in two production halls. The facility has been designed to be future ready and PROCAP plans to expand the number of machines to 40 to meet the needs of a greater number of projects. In the future, PROCAP will also further expand the plant’s production facilities and warehouse in terms of floor space, which the location allows for.


The infrastructure of the new facility has been designed to facilitate the future expansion of the plant. The start up incoming power provision of 1.1MVA at medium voltage has been provided. The HT switchgear design has future capacity to facilitate the future connection of and additional 2No. 1.6MVA transformers. Primary LT power to the injection moulded machines is delivered via a 1250A aluminium busbar system with tap off units at each machine. Process cooling design incorporated 2 circuits (hydraulic circuit / mould circuit) fed from 2 primary chillers operating on a duty/standby arrangement. The system also incorporated 2 air blast coolers complete with adiabatic sprayers to optimize free cooling when external conditions allowed. Waste heat recorvery from the compressor plant was utilized to heat the office accommodation via plate heat exchangers. Lighting throughout the development comprised high frequency smart fluorescent lighting. Each of the high bay fluorescent fittings in the production halls and warehouse incorporated on board occupancy detectors with lux hold to ensure lighting remained off when production halls were not manned or when there was sufficient daylight through the rooflights.